Darjeeling 1st Flush Gopaldhara 2019

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From the spectacular Darjeeling mountains, this Gopaldhara First Flush is classically delicate with a fine pale green leaf yielding a sweet, delicate, highly palatable infusion.

Gopaldhara is in the Mirik Valley and it is one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling. The total area of the garden is 320 Hectares. Out of the 320 Hectares, 172 Hectares has been planted with tea bushes. Planting is still being carried out in the vacant high elevation lands.

Most of the new planting has been done at an elevation between 5500 FT right up to 7000 FT. This is definitely one of the highest tea estates in the world having a size able area of 60 Hectares at an average elevation of 6000 FT with the highest peak stretching up to 7000 FT. It has been planted with mixed clonal tea to produce rare and exquisite finest Darjeeling Tea
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